Windshield chip repair

Do You Need Windshield Chip Repair Right Away?

Some drivers go through life without chipping their windshield. Others seem to be cursed with the worst luck, chipping a windshield only to have it happen it again once they get the glass repaired. The latter has led to drivers pushing the limit of how long they go before getting the glass repaired or replaced.

Some drivers may never get it repaired or replaced. Depending on where the chip is and whether it’s obstructing your view, you may not want to wait to get a windshield chip repaired. Let’s look at windshield chip repair and when you need to get it done right away to prevent issues when hitting the road.

So, Do You Need Windshield Chip Repair Right Away?

Windshield chips often start small and might not even obstruct your vision when driving. Depending on the size, shape, and scope of the chip, you may not even notice it right away, but you’ll certainly hear the impact the rock, asphalt, or other debris makes when it hits your windshield.

This is one of the many reason’s drivers will stay away from asphalt and construction trucks on the road; it’s one of the easiest ways to get a windshield chip or crack as you’re driving. Many of these trucks use a tarp or don’t even bother trying to cover their load. As it bounces along the road, especially the highway, debris easily pops out, hits the road, and can ding your windshield even if you’re not directly behind the truck.

If a windshield chip obstructs your vision when driving, you need to get it repaired right away. If it doesn’t obstruct your vision, you can typically wait to get it repaired under you can afford it – but you shouldn’t!

The thing with waiting to get it repaired is that it may lead to a deeper crack or start splitting its way through your windshield. A simple chip can quickly lead to more problems when you drive, which makes it dangerous to share the road, especially at night.

Waiting to get the chip repaired can be costly, possibly requiring you to get the windshield completely replaced as the chip begins to crack along the length of the windshield. In some counties and cities, driving with an obstructed windshield can get you ticketed with a hefty fine to pay or even get your car towed to the impound lot.

If you have a windshield chip or crack you need to be repaired right away, call Colorado Auto Glass today. Our technicians will evaluate your windshield a recommend repair or replacement to give you the peace of mind you need to drive safely. Don’t wait to get your windshield chip repair done; you may cause more harm than good by waiting.