Windshield replacement quote

How to Get a Windshield Replacement Quote

Do you know how easy it is to get a windshield replacement quote? Unless you’ve dinged, cracked, or shattered your windshield, you probably don’t realize how many auto glass companies are out there. When it comes to getting an accurate quote, the quicker you reach out to a company like Colorado Auto Glass, the better off you’ll be in getting the problem fixed and saving money in the long run. Here’s what to know about getting a windshield replacement quote and why it’s best not to wait to get it.

Get an Accurate Windshield Replacement Quote No Matter the Scenario

There are three typical scenarios you’ll run into with windshield issues:

  • You get a windshield chip or crack that does obstruct your line of sight. Eventually, this will cause the windshield to shatter and can cost the most to fix long-term if you don’t get it taken care of right away. It also may not.
  • You get a crack or windshield chip that doesn’t obstruct your line of sight when driving. It may or may not get worse, but every day you drive your car, you risk it getting to the point that your windshield shatters.
  • Your windshield shatters from the initial impact. This is catastrophic. You won’t be able to drive your car safely, and hopefully, it doesn’t happen when you are behind the wheel.

The last scenario is something that must be fixed right away if you want to drive your car. This has an impact on your job, getting groceries, picking up your kids from school, and anything else you do that requires you to drive. The quicker you go to an auto glass shop, the quicker you will get the windshield replaced.

The waiting to see how bad it gets route will cost you more money in the future. If you get lucky and don’t need the windshield replaced or repaired, it might be worth the risk; if you aren’t so lucky, you’ll be spending much more than you anticipated to get it replaced if it shatters. If money is a concern, waiting until the last possible moment to get your windshield repaired or replaced isn’t the way to go.

When speaking with the auto glass shop, let them know how the windshield shattered, whether you were driving or not at the time, and where the car is currently. They may be able to have the car towed right away or rely on you to do that. The sooner you can get the car to the shop, the sooner it will be replaced before the rain, or other weather factors can cause more damage to your exposed interior.