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Get Your Windshield Fixed Before it Becomes a Crack

Wintertime Specials on Windshield Replacement And Chip Repair

A car’s windshield is designed to protect the car occupants and interior from the outside elements of heat, cold, rain, snow, and ice. It is a tough job, and most windshields are built to stand up to the task. To provide the best protection, a car windshield needs to be in flawless condition. Colorado Auto Glass has a team of specialists for repairing auto glass Denver residents count on. Throughout the year, we fix chips, cracks, and do windshield replacements, but winter is the most important season for taking care of this important part of your vehicle.

Heat and Cold Can Cause Small Windshield Chip Become Larger Crack

A chip or crack in a car windshield is not going to fix itself. In fact, it is only going to get worse over time. In winter, the outside cold is followed by a warm sun, a warm garage, or warm heat blowing on it from the car’s defrost system. This cooling and heating cycle will only make the crack or chip grow as the glass contracts and expands.

Colorado’s Ice Can be as Hard as a Rock

Clearing the snow and ice off the windshield presents another potentially fatal blow to a cracked or chipped windshield. All it takes is a slight hit with a scrapper or broom to the vulnerable spot, and there is a crack that could impair the driver’s vision. Driving in snow and ice, especially at night, a driver needs a clear line of site. Cracks and chips are a hazard to all on the road.

Road Rocks

Even if the winter season starts with a perfectly in-tact windshield, rocks and ice from the road can put a ding, chip, or crack in the windshield at any moment. It is important to fix every windshield flaw as soon as possible. reach out to Colorado Auto Glass today and ask about our wintertime specials.

When you are in need of a Denver windshield replacement company, call Colorado Auto Glass. Many insurance companies will pay for glass replacement and chip repair. For your convenience, we work with all insurance companies. Often, there is no paperwork required on the part of the car owner to have a windshield repaired or replaced. Call us today to learn more about insurance payments for chip repairs and windshield replacements. Also, when you call, ask us about our winter specials and promotions. We look forward to hearing from you and making sure your windshield offers protection this winter and throughout the coming year. Weather doesn’t slow our work down; in Denver auto chip repair is a year-round challenge. We repair and replace windshields in all types of weather. Winter is the best time for windshield repairs before the arrival of the Colorado spring and summer hailstorms. Request Quote Now.